Housing for the Urban Poor
From Local Action to Global Networks

July 11, Pecha Kucha event at the Hong Kong University

Josefine Fokdal gave a brief input on 'Playing the game: Hybrid modes of Collaboration - New Interfaces between the State and Transnational Networks of Urban Poor' at a Pecha Kucha event at the Urban Planning Department at the Hong Kong University.

Asia houses a variety of hybrid forms of political regimes, while some are not within the scope of democracy, others showcase the many flaws of democracy. In the case of the Philippines, exclusion of urban poor and their limited access to resources is crucial and led to social resistance and conflicted interfaces between urban poor communities and the state in the past. Against this background, the heterogeneous civil societies of right-based and more collaborative agents join efforts under the umbrella of the Urban Poor Alliance (UP-ALL). The talk will focus on the Homeless People Federation Philippines (HPFPI) and their means of creating interfaces vis-à-vis the state through hybrid modes of collaboration with various allies to tackle multiple levels of governance.

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