Housing for the Urban Poor
From Local Action to Global Networks

January 7 – February 1, 2013, Field Study in Bangkok, Thailand

In January 2013 Josefine Fokdal is in Bangkok, Thailand, to review the relationship building of the unique “sister” model of SDI in Thailand, an alliance between the ‘Community Organizations Development Institute’ (CODI), the ‘National Union of Low Income Community Organizations’ (NULICO) and the ‘Asian Coalition for Housing Rights’ (ACHR). We also hold discussions with external actors such as representatives of the ‘Four Regions Slum Network’, UN-ESCAP, universities and the National Housing Authority. The case of Bang Bua, a canalside settlement in the north of Bangkok, gives us a deeper understanding of the Baan Mankong city-wide and community-driven slum upgrading process.

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